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HoMie is a social enterprise that clothes, trains and employs people who are experiencing homelessness in Melbourne.

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Robert Gillies

What is HoMie?

Marcus Crook, Nick Pearce and Robbie Gillies have always had a passion for giving back to the community and tackling homelessness. After a stint of volunteering overseas, they decided to make a positive impact on those experiencing homelessness in their hometown of Melbourne.

In 2013 they created the “Homeless of Melbourne” Facebook page. The page contained real-life stories of people the trio encountered living on the streets of Melbourne. The page soon became hugely popular and currently has over 30,000 followers.

The page also attracted media attention which resulted in donations from individuals, organisations and established brands.

The boys decided to take it one step further and HoMie was born. HoMie is a streetwear clothing store that provides training, job opportunities and brand new clothing to people experiencing homelessness. All net proceeds go towards tackling homelessness.

Where does HoMie operate?

HoMie currently supports people experiencing homelessness in Melbourne. It has a clothing store in Melbourne Central Shopping Centre, is about to move into a new store on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy and also operates online.

"Without ongoing support and funding we’re not able to facilitate the things that we’re wanting to do. The more we get the more we’re able to give. Please, vote for HoMie."
— Nick Pearce, HoMie Co-Founder

How would HoMie use a Dreams for a Better World grant?

The grant would be used to expand the HoMie concept through improving the current stores and potentially supporting a move to another Australian location.


Find out more about HoMie.

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