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Got a dream to make the world a better place? We've got a way to help make it happen, with $150,000 in grants.

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How to get your dream happening

Submit your dream

Tell us about your dream to help an Australian-based charity, community group or not-for-profit organisation make a real difference in the community. Use photos or shoot a video, and give your dream every chance of winning.

The judges choose

Every quarter, the judges will choose three finalists, who will each be awarded a $5,000 grant.

The public vote

The quarterly finalist with the most valid votes from the public wins another $5,000 and progresses to the grand final.

Grand final

Winners from each round attend the Grand Final Awards Night where the annual winner is announced. Each of the four grand finalists will receive an additional grant of up to $25,000.

Got your own Dream for a Better World?

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Terms & conditions

Here are the categories for 2016

Round 1: Open Round (Entries closed)

Round 1 is open season for all dreams. No dream is too big, too small, too broad or too specialised – provided it meets our guidelines, of course.

Like some examples of this category?

Anything goes this round - from an animal shelter to equipment for a sporting team to transport for disabled children. If you can dream it, and it meets our guidelines, you can enter it in Round 1.

Round 2: Health & People (Entries closed)

This round is all about dreams that focus on health and well-being, and dreams that make life better for people in need.

Like some examples of this category?

Your dream for this cateory could be about a charity that’s helping cure a disease or illness, a group that’s assisting people with a disability or a cause that provides food for the homeless.

Round 3: Sport & Education (Entries closed)

This round is for energetic thinkers and dreamers who want to make the world a better place for sporting clubs, recreational causes and anyone wanting to learn new skills or teach others.

Like some examples of this category?

If your dream is about helping disadvantaged kids enjoy physical activity, providing computer lessons for retirees or even helping your local sporting team travel to their grand final, this round is for you.

Round 4: Animals & Community (Entries closed)

This round is for our injured, endangered, abused or sick animals and causes that help specific community groups like women or refugees.

Like some examples of this category?

Wildlife shelters, animal refuges and animal rescue organisations are ideal for this round. So are safe houses for abuse victims, causes that help resettle refugees and environmental groups, to name a few.

472 dreams submitted!

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