2018 People's Choice Winner

The Plate Up Project

National Homeless Collective supports women in need back into work to help create financial independence.

The Plate up Project is an initiative by The National Homeless Collective (formally the Melbourne Homeless Collective) to support women fleeing family violence or homeless women, designed to help them regain financial independence through hospitality training and links to ongoing employment.

During a two week course, twelve women who are experiencing homelessness or family violence complete a certified food safety certificate and training in nutrition and cooking. The aim of this introductory course is to reignite a love of cooking and nutrition. Participants will be taught and trained by professionals in hospitality and then offered the opportunity to continue onto a ten week training course that will involve training two days per week.

Each participant will receive a cooking kit and at the end of the ten-week training, the trainees will be supported into employment in hospitality.

We will also actively seek out potential hospitality employers that will be required to complete a homeless awareness information session to gain “Plate Up Certification”. Participants will only be referred to potential employers that have gained this certification to ensure that the women will be placed in a supportive work environment to give the best chance of retention and stable employment.

The Plate up Project gives vulnerable women in Victoria a chance to rebuild their lives through practical job training and employment opportunities. Surrounded by a new network and with their new skills, the women gain financial stability, increase housing stability and independence and importantly decrease trauma caused by repeat family violence and financial abuse.

The wider community also benefits from this program through greater awareness of family violence, more supportive employment opportunities creating less reliance on welfare and safer and more productive local communities. 

The grants will help fund the food and equipment needed for the Plate up Project to operate and to recruit supportive employers who will help transition the trainees into full-time work. 

2018 Winner

GG's Flowers & Hampers

GG's Flowers & Hampers provides meaningful employment for people with special needs.

Greenbatch Foundation

Our dream is to reuse plastic and teach students about recycling with the help of 3D printing.

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