2017 Round 2 Winner

Food For Change

Growing and distributing fresh, nutritious food for the 1 in 6 Australians impacted by food insecurity.

At Food for Change, our dream is to take advantage of all the unused land in Australia to feed the 1 in 6 people who suffer from food insecurity. Over 40,000 people each month seek food relief in Australia and get turned away by food relief agencies - 15,000 of these are children. Currently we have one major farm site that is feeding people in Melbourne and we believe that combined with other food relief agencies across Australia we can eliminate food insecurity. We grow and deliver fruit, vegetables and herbs to provide fresh, nutritious food for hungry Australians.

Our process is simple: Firstly Food For Change seeks out unused land in the local community. This land is donated to us and we farm it with our volunteers. A few days before our weekly harvest, we calculate the amount of food we will be harvesting and select the best organisation to distribute it. If it is a small amount it goes straight to a local charity, if it is a large amount we organise with one of the bigger organisations like Foodbank, SecondBite or Fareshare to collect from the farm and distribute to a wide range of people. This avoids waste, keeps costs low and allows us to focus on what we love – growing as much fresh, nutritious food as possible to feed those in need.

I genuinely believe that by growing more food and implementing our other plans that we can play a huge part in eliminating food insecurity in Australia. To expand around the country, the key is securing initial funding for each site and the $10,000 from Round 2 is an amazing start - we're excited to be into the Grand Final!

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