2020 Round 3 Top 3 Finalist

A Sound Life

Providing free mental health and wellbeing programs to vulnerable Australians

At A Sound Life, we work to support the vulnerable people in our community by offering free well-being programs through live music, therapeutic yoga and guided meditation.

We are deeply passionate about the well-being of people within our community - in particular those most vulnerable. Through our programs, we are able to educate, connect and support this community by uplifting their spirits, empowering their minds, and helping to transform their mental, physical and emotional health and well-being.

We currently serve over 15 facilities in NSW including Hospitals, Disability & Mental Health centres, Women in Refuge and Youth at Risk. The need for our services in the community is great, which is why we are seeking your support to help us develop a digital solution to enable growth and efficiency, so we can help many more people.

Our programs are designed to help people feel more connected and empower them to make better choices for their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. We provide hope, encouragement, connection and love. The benefits of our programs are clear as they help increase mobility, improve mental, physical and emotional health, support resilience, empowerment, reduce stress and anxiety, and offer relaxation and respite.

With our dedicated team of volunteer musicians, yoga teachers and meditation facilitators, we have successfully delivered over 2,200 sessions, positively impacting over 33,000 people since 2015.

To help more vulnerable Australians and to expand A Sound Life to regional communities and beyond NSW, we’re planning to develop our digital infrastructure for volunteer and facility onboarding, training, rostering and engagement.

A Dreams for a Better World grant would allow us to work with a professional product developer to research, strategize and further develop our current software. It will also help with content creation, filming and training to onboard our volunteers. These digital improvements would certainly support our ability to ‘scale-up’ thus impacting more vulnerable people in our community both in NSW and nationally.

Our dream supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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