2020 People's Choice Winner

Baby Give Back

We work to provide families in crisis with clean and safe baby essentials

We are Baby Give Back, a Gold Coast based charity that collects, cleans and safety-checks pre-loved baby essentials, which are then recycled and re-homed at no cost to disadvantaged families. Our dream is a world where every baby has a safe and equal start to life.

Many families in our community are faced with difficulties out of their control and struggle to provide a basic standard of living for their children. Not only does this put babies and young children at risk but also causes distress and anxiety for parents and caregivers who often feel disconnected from society when they are unable to provide for their children and access their community with ease.

From January to April this year alone, Baby Give Back has helped provide 936 children and 572 families facing a broad range of challenges with clean and safe essentials. These essentials range from nappies and wipes, through to prams, cots and car seats and everything in between.

The donations we receive help disadvantaged families care for their children and feel a sense of belonging, connection, social inclusion, and dignity. We want a future where families feel cared for by their community at times when they are most in need and have access to safe nursery furniture and essentials for their children.

The fallout from Covid-19 hit Baby Give Back hard as we were forced to close our doors to donations and our volunteers. Committed to ensuring babies, children and families in need were still supported we worked tirelessly to provide them with the aid they needed through so much uncertainty. We have now welcomed back our volunteers and donors but the impact of Covid-19 is long lasting with regulations in place to ensure safety for all, meaning we have to constantly work on scheduling our volunteers back into the warehouse at particular times to ensure we can continue to support vulnerable families.

The Sunsuper Dreams for a Better World grant will allow Baby Give Back to significantly increase our delivery of safe and quality items to those families in need.

Our Give Back Project will work towards recruiting, training and providing opportunities for community members in South East Queensland to be part of delivering a better world for vulnerable and disadvantage babies and their families.

The grant will enable us to have a coordinated and safe approach to be able to recruit, train, support and schedule dedicated community members to shifts at our facility, ensuring we can quickly support to many more vulnerable families when they need our help most. 

Our dream supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals


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