2020 Round 4 Winner


Connecting food with those in need

Y Waste App is a digital food distribution and management platform for both food service businesses and food relief charities to reduce food waste and optimise food distribution procedures. With a focus on food retail Y Waste's purpose is to reduce both food insecurity and the negative environmental and economic impacts of food waste.

Through the Ywaste app can track the whole procedure of meal services with an inventory that shows real life status from sourcing surplus food - via a food relief charity - to it ends up in the hands of food insecure. Y Waste works with small businesses and many social enterprises such as Parliament on King to help businesses reduce food waste and is supported by local communities and keep those who are impacted by COVID-19 in employment, especially the likes of refugee workers and international students. 

Recently Y Waste has been handling the tracking and logistics of the donations of young people who are in Australia from overseas who didn’t qualify for government help-packages. Prior to the introduction of Y Waste App these donations in NSW, QLD and VIC would see approximately 45% of the donated meals being wasted due to hoarding and/or deliveries made to centres that already had surplus stock resulting in approximately 50% of recipients who needed food relief completely missed out on food donations due lack of management.

Since Y Waste has been in charge of managing the distribution and logistics through our volunteer driver network, we have managed to reduce food waste to practically zero and at the same time ensuring equal and fair daily distribution of the meals, lasting through the whole week before the next donation comes in. Being able to coordinate food donations centrally we can prevent multiple charities unknowingly targeting the same segment and instead securing an evenly spread in food relief distribution. We can also incorporate and calculate storage requirements/availability for each individual charity thus creating food relief hubs in local communities.

The Sunsuper Dreams for a Better World grant will help us expand our donation capability and scale YWaste App to provide food relief to every Australian in need.

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