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Frequently Asked Questions


Why can't I submit my dream?

If you are having difficulty submitting your dream, ensure you are using Google Chrome as your web browser. The application form may not work properly if you are using Internet Explorer. If you are using Google Chrome and the 'submit' button is grey, ensure you have ticked that you agree to the terms and conditions and agree to the filming dates. Also ensure your uploaded files do not exceed 2MB and you have completed all required fields. If you have done all of the above and still cannot submit your dream, please email 

What does it mean if my dream is accepted?

When a dream is submitted, we’ll check to see if your dream meets our guidelines and if it does you will receive an email that your dream has been approved. If your dream meets our guidelines the judges will review all eligible dreams for that round and the top three dreams for each category will make the shortlist. If your dream doesn’t meet our guidelines we’ll let you know and you can make any changes and resubmit your dream to that round or your dream may fit better in another category.

What is the voting process?

Voting is only open for charities that apply for the Better Living, Brighter Futures or Active Community round. There is no voting process for the Better Business round. When voting opens, any Australian resident can vote for their favourite dream or dreams. When voting closes the dream with the most votes will receive a $10,000 grant towards their dream. Eight runner-ups will also receive a grant of $1,000 or $5,000. 

How do I vote for my favourite dream?

Easy. Read the finalists’ dreams on the individual pages and when you’re ready, return to the vote page and vote for your favourite dream. If you have trouble voting contact us and we’ll be in touch.

Can I vote more than once?

You may only vote once for each finalist. However, you may vote for one or all of the nine finalists.

How will I know if my dream has received the most votes? 

We'll shortlist nine charities and notify the finalists of the voting period. We’ll contact all the finalists the results before awarding grants and announcing the winner and runner-ups. 

Can anyone vote for dreams?

Any Australian resident with a valid email address is eligible to vote for as many dreams as they like. However, only one vote per dream, per person and email address is permitted.

Why is voting restricted?

We want all entrants to have a fair go. So we’ve put these rules in place to ensure the voting process is equitable and to reduce the chance of manipulation.

How is the prize pool allocated for the community grants?

Three finalists will be shortlisted for each round, Better Living, Brighter Futures, Active Community. For each category, our Expert Judging Panel will choose one winner and award a $10,000 grant. 

The nine finalists (from the three categories) will be invited to participate in a month long online voting campaign. The finalist with the most valid votes will receive a $10,000 grant (a finalist may receive a grant from the judges and also win the People's Choice vote). The finalists with the second, third and fourth highest number of valid votes will receive a $5,000 grant and the remaining five finalists will receive a $1,000 grant to kick-start their dream. 

How is the prize pool allocated for the business grants?

Ten applications will be shortlisted and will be asked to provide additional information. Our Expert Judging Panel will review the applications and award three winners a $10,000 grant each. 

If my dream makes the shortlist for the Better Business round, what information is needed to validate my business?

If a dream is shortlisted (top 10), the business owner will be asked to provide the following documents by 21 August 2020

  • ABN
  • Registered Business Address
  • Office address (if different from registered business address)
  • Letter signed by an accountant to verify
    • The entrant is small to medium sized business and has less than 200 employees
    • The small or medium sized business has been trading for 12 months prior to 1 July 2020
    • Last Financial Year Earnings Before Interest and Taxes (EBIT) or previous year net cash flow
    • Projections of the Profit + Loss and the cash flow (high level) for the next 3-5 years

Is there a public vote for the small business grants?

No. A panel of judges will decide the grant winners in the Better Business round.

How will I know if my dream has made the shortlist?

A Sunsuper Dreams Team member will contact you via the email or phone number provided.

Can I nominate a small business or not-for-profit organisation to receive a grant?

Yes. Anyone can submit a dream on behalf of a small business or not-for-profit organisation. Alternatively, you can email with your details and the name of a business or charity you’d like to nominate and we will get in touch.

Are there any restrictions on what the Better Business grants can be used for?

Yes. If your business is a finalist or winner in the Better Business round, the grants cannot be used to pay employees a bonus, reward or re-gift it. It cannot be used for business as usual costs, such as accountants’ fees and tax returns, or for travel [flights, hire cars] or to buy stock. The grant is to help fund an innovative solution, project or initiative implemented by the business that will have a lasting and positive impact on their local community.

Can I apply for a community grant to help animals?

Yes, if you can tell us how your dream fits within the round theme [Better Living, Brighter Futures or Active Community] and meets our guidelines the judges will consider your dream.

For example, if your dream involves helping animals and people, like Homestead for Youth you could apply for the Active Community round or Better Living rounds. Similarly, if your dream improves the environment and sea life, like Eco Barge, you could also apply for the Better Living round.

How do I contact Sunsuper about Dreams for a Better World?

Please email any questions, feedback or comments you may have about Sunsuper's Dreams for a Better World program to If you have any questions about your superannuation, please visit or call 13 11 84.

Key dates

Community Rounds

All community round applications open 28 February

Round 1: Better Living

Applications close: 26 Jun
Voting opens: 10 Aug
Voting closes: 31 Aug
Winner announced: 30 Sep

Round 2: Brighter Futures

Applications close: 26 Jun
Voting opens: 10 Aug
Voting closes: 31 Aug
Winner announced: 30 Sep

Round 3: Active Community

Applications close: 26 Jun
Voting opens: 10 Aug
Voting closes: 31 Aug
Winner announced: 30 Sep

Better Business

Applications open: 28 Feb
Applications close: 31 Jul
Top 3 announced: 30 Oct

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