How to apply for a grant

Published on 19 March 2019

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We’ve teamed up with The Grants Hub to share some tips on applying for a grant.

Jessie from The Grants Hub says to give funding bodies insight into a project they would love to fund. Share your passion, show how your project aligns with their priorities, and prove how you can deliver a successful project.

Before you start your application, carefully read the grant guidelines and check:

  • You have the right organisational status.
  • Your project/program meets the priorities for that round.
  • Whether partners are required or optional.
  • That you can deliver the project/program in the required time.
  • That you meet both the applicant criteria and the project/program criteria. These two elements are different, so check both sections of the guidelines.
  • That you can manage and acquit the grant funds you are applying for.

When you’re ready to apply for a Dreams for a Better World grant remember to:

  • Prepare your application in another document and copy and paste your answers into the online form.
  • Keep it concise and avoid repeating your responses. Each question gives you a chance to explain why your cause needs a grant and how the grant will help your cause benefit the community.
  • Where appropriate include a cost breakdown on how you’ll spend the grant or list the resources you’ll need to purchase with the grant to deliver your project, this will help explain how you will use the grant.
  • Use data to demonstrate your impact, past performance and why you should receive a grant. Try to differentiate your cause from others that are doing something similar.

Ready to apply for a grant? Apply now or visit The Grants Hub for more resources.

*Tips for ‘Reading grant guidelines’ was originally published on 18 February 2019

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