Greenbatch wins Better Living round

Published on 08 June 2018

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Greenbatch Foundation, Western Australia’s first not-for-profit organisation to repurpose plastic bottles, has won round one of Sunsuper’s Dreams for a Better World 2018 program and a $10,000 grant. 

Sunsuper awarded Greenbatch Foundation a $10,000 grant after the young entrepreneurs topped the public voting stage and convinced a judging panel that their dream would have a significant and positive impact on the community.

Greenbatch Foundation is creating 3D printer filament from recycled PET plastic bottles and teaching students about recycling. When students collect 350 bottles they receive a free roll of 3D printer filament valued at $35.

Founder and CEO of Greenbatch Foundation, Darren Lomman, said they applied for the grant to provide Western Australian schools with collection bins to help school communities start recycling polyethylene terephthalate [PET] plastic bottles.

“By 2050 it is estimated there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish,” Darren said.

“It is a shameful fact that in 2018, we have no plastic reprocessing in Western Australia.

“Most Western Australians think that when they put their plastic bottles in their yellow-topped recycling bin the plastic is reprocessed, but in reality most of it is shipped overseas or burnt in incinerators to generate electricity – neither option is sustainable or very good for the environment.

“Too much plastic is ending up in landfill or our oceans, so I started Greenbatch to drive change in Western Australia and educate the next generation about recycling.

“We have schools helping collect bottles and we’ll soon open a new plastic reprocessing facility capable of reprocessing 130 million PET beverage bottles annually, where we’ll create useful bi-products like 3D printer filament.

“Sunsuper’s Dreams for a Better World grant has given us the boost we need to rapidly scale our collection process with 100 new recycling bins, free to 100 schools. This means we can get more than 100,000 more students and their families involved in collecting plastic bottles and preventing it ending up in land fill or our oceans.” 

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