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Published on 19 December 2019

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It has been ten months since Darren Lomman pitched their dream for Greenbatch at Sunsuper’s Dreams for a Better World grand final and took out first place.

Greenbatch received $40,000 in grants and has rapidly expanded their recycling and education programs to more than 300 schools in Western Australia.

“The grant was a huge help to our program, it enabled us to remove the financial barrier for should to get involved.” Darren said.

“Our education program was in essence the beginning of WA’s recycling which is all about educating, engaging and empowering the next generation to recycle.”

With a new processing plant on its way, Darren and the Greenbatch team will soon be able to process more plastic bottles in one hour, than what is currently taking the team 10 hours to reprocess.

“We now have a full time operations manager, and we've probably got about 150 volunteers that get involved in the processing, the shredding, the collections, the school talks, and there’s new projects happening all the time. And then the community network, the students and the community organizations, it just keeps going and growing.”

Darren admits it hasn’t been an easy journey being an entrepreneur and tackling this massive problem.

“It's been a three year kind of challenge. I heard the TV commercial in December 2016 which kick started this whole thing, and we've just hit December 2019, so it's pretty much three years in this game now.

“And there's still a lot to do. It's not like it is smooth sailing. It's still lots of red traffic lights to deal with, but we're getting there, and it's exciting seeing it grow. But when you know what your purpose is, it's hard to give up on that.”

Greenbatch also run monthly collection days, on the first Saturday of every month. Check out more here.

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