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Snuggle Coats Winter Fur Drive

Orphaned baby native animals can struggle to survive and develop normally. Snuggle Coats collects and distributes old natural furs to help the animals to adjust and feel mothered when being cared for by wildlife sanctuaries.

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Lisa Brennan

What is Snuggle Coats Winter Fur Drive?

Snuggle Coats offers a donation and collection service for people’s unused old fur coats, hats, blankets and the like. The collected furs are unpicked and divided up into usable sized animal ‘snuggle blankets’ for wildlife sanctuaries and parks.

Many baby animals can struggle to survive on their own and when animals are brought up in a captive environment, they can struggle to get the enrichment they need. Snuggle Coats allow for the animals in our wildlife sanctuaries and parks, to emulate behaviours that they normally would in their natural environment, from wrapping food in the fur coats, to using them as comfort to nurse the animals back to health, Snuggle Coats are giving old furs a new life.

Where does Snuggle Coats Winter Fur Drive operate?

Lisa and her son Lachlan receive all the fur at their home base in Green Point, New South Wales. Usually alone, but sometimes with the help of volunteers, they rework the furs into animal blankets and then post them out to wildlife refuges and parks.

“Sometimes the fur comes with letters… that ‘this was my grandmother’s fur coat and she’d be happy to see it used this way’. Those are really feel good moments.”
— Lachlan Brennan, GM, Snuggle Coats

How would Snuggle Coats Winter Fur Drive use a Dreams for a Better World grant?

The Brennan’s would like to hold a Winter Fur Drive with a central collection point. The money would also go towards freight for the coats, a new website and publicity to attract new donations of fur and to spread the program around Australia and New Zealand.

Snuggle Coats Winter Fur Drive

Find out more about Snuggle Coats Winter Fur Drive.

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