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STOP. One Punch Can Kill

STOP. One Punch Can Kill aims to prevent senseless acts of brutal violence through awareness campaigns, education, advocacy and tougher sentencing.

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Caterina Politi

What is STOP. One Punch Can Kill?

On New Year’s Eve 2012, David Cassai and his friends were on their way home from a night of celebrations when they were ambushed by a group of young men looking for a fight. Despite trying to walk away, David was dealt a vicious blow sending him plunging to the concrete, resulting in horrendous brain damage. He died later that same day, at the age of just 22.

David’s sudden and tragic death drove his devastated mother, Caterina Politi, to form STOP. One Punch Can Kill. An organisation dedicated to creating safer communities through engaging with young people and discussing the impact of alcohol and violence. Ultimately building social awareness that one punch can, and does, kill.

Where does STOP. One Punch Can Kill operate?

STOP. One Punch Can Kill currently runs education programs in Victorian schools and sporting clubs.

"My son paid the ultimate price for some senseless bad behaviour and aggression. A vote for STOP. One Punch Can Kill will help keep our streets and venues safe."
— Caterina Politi, David Cassai’s mother and Founder of STOP. One Punch Can Kill.

How would STOP. One Punch Can Kill use a Dreams for a Better World grant?

STOP. One Punch Can Kill relies on volunteers. The grant would be used to pay for merchandise distributed through the school and sports club education programs, much of which is currently paid for out of Caterina’s own pocket.

STOP. One Punch Can Kill

Learn more about STOP. One Punch Can Kill.

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