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Kids Giving Back

Kids Giving Back provides meaningful volunteering opportunities for children to help a range of people in need.

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Roxanne Dunkel

What is Kids Giving Back?

Kids Giving Back aims to create the next generation of generosity, and their vision is to create a more accepting society based on empathy and understanding, one child at a time. 

Our work has a double impact - benefitting communities who are assisted by young people volunteering (including homeless, disabilities, the elderly, women and children living in shelters, refugees and more) as well as impacting young people, their school communities and families as they experience the empowering benefits and wellness of giving back.

When 1 in 16 adolescents are suffering from depression and 1 in 6 from anxiety related disorders, the benefits to our young people and communities could hardly be greater.

Where does Kids Giving Back operate?

Kids Giving Back runs volunteering programs for young people in Sydney and provides advice on how and where to volunteer in communities across Australia.

“It was really fun. We got to cook and we were helping people while we’re doing it!”
— 12 year old volunteer.

How would Kids Giving Back use a Dreams for a Better World grant?

This grant would enable more young people to be involved in the Kids Giving Back program and in turn help more people in need in our communities.

For example: $50 allows 1 young person to prepare and deliver 10 meals for a homeless person, (delivered with a smile). $100 allows 3 generous kids to assemble care packs for families shattered by domestic violence. $250 connects 10 refugee children and 10 Australian children to spend a day together in a supported environment to make friends and break down cultural barriers.

$500 allows 1 young person at risk to participate in the Kids Giving Back GROW program. Finally, $1000 would provide about 30 students from a disadvantaged school, the opportunity to participate in a program designed to build self-esteem, create a sense of community and empower them to help others.

Kids Giving Back

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