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Conexu Foundation

Conexu Foundation is a technology-focused, non-profit organisation working to bridge communication gaps at school, work and in life generally for people who are deaf or speech impaired.

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Leann Yan

What is Conexu Foundation?

It is a sad fact that deaf children are more prone to depression and obesity than hearing children. This is partly due to a lack of confidence to join a sporting team and significant communication barriers when they do.

Conexu Foundation and Deaf Sports Australia decided to build Australia’s first deaf sports sign dictionary housed in an app. The app provides a way for coaches and team mates to easily learn the Auslan (Australian Sign Language) key signs they will need to use to communicate during training and during the game.

Where does Conexu Foundation operate?

Conexu Foundation is based in Queensland but their app will be accessible to children and coaches across Australia.

"Our dream is that sports club and sporting ovals can be fun places where deaf kids and hearing kids can grow in confidence and skill together."
— Rachel McKay, CEO of Conexu Foundation

How would Conexu Foundation use a Dreams for a Better World grant?

Over the course of 12 months, the grant money would fund app development, the filming of Auslan signs and a grassroots social media campaign.

Conexu Foundation

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