2019 Community Winner

Earbus Foundation

We're helping to eradicate middle ear disease in Aboriginal and at-risk children in Western Australia.

Healthy ears are the key to children’s learning at school. Earbus’ mission is to reduce the impact and prevalence of ear disease in Aboriginal and at risk children, families and communities. Aboriginal children have the worst ear health in the world and this is a major barrier to children reaching their full potential – children who can’t hear, can’t learn!

The Earbus model was designed by Aboriginal people for Aboriginal people and provides mobile ear health clinics offering a model of continuous care to Aboriginal and at-risk children and young people in schools, daycares, kindergartens and playgroups.

The consequence of prolonged ear disease is preventable hearing loss that stops children succeeding in school. Schools are already reporting improved student performance, school attendance and reduction in high-end behaviour incidents and NAPLAN results are showing improved literacy amongst Aboriginal students who have been screened and treated by Earbus.

In some urban schools, 75% of Aboriginal children enrolled cannot hear adequately. In some regional and remote schools this figure is almost 100%. Not being able to read, write or communicate effectively can have devastating, lifelong effects on children, their families and the wider community.

A Sunsuper Dreams for a Better World grant will help Earbus build a for-purpose mobile clinic, including screening and Audiological equipment for our Pilbara Outreach Program, which will service daycares, child parent centres and schools.

A mobile clinic is essential for Earbus to deliver necessary services to communities in the Pilbara and effectively engage and capture a high cohort of children to make a real difference in their lives and for their future. 

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