2019 Round 3 Top 3 Finalist

Free 3D Hands

We dream of a world where everyone has equal access to free 3D hands & assistive devices that enhance their quality of life.

We design, make and provide 3D hands and assistive devices free of charge for children born with a hand or arm difference.

We use 3D printing techniques to manufacture custom devices at just a fraction of the cost of traditional options. We see this technology as having the potential to revolutionise the prosthetic industry, eliminating the lead-time and costs associated with traditional manufacturing techniques.

Through collaboration with industry, prosthetists, OTs, orthopaedic surgeons, biomedical engineers, universities, hand therapists, progressive bionic developers, makers, amputee and limb difference support groups, we strive to create a unified effort to advance prosthetic and bionic technology to better serve our global community.

All of our designs are released to the public under open-source licenses, so that they belong to the people. We decentralise our designs to empower communities and encourage others to develop our ideas further for the benefit of all mankind.

At Free 3D Hands our dream is to create 2,500 3D printed hands and assistive devices per year for children in Australia with hand and arm differences.

We make 3D printed hands, fingers, piano adaptors, skipping rope adapters and many more bespoke, on demand devices to meet emerging needs of children with hand and arm differences, as they grow. We currently have capacity to design, print, assemble and post about 20 devices per month. We want to be able to grow that number over the next 12 months and continue to grow exponentially as funding and support become available. We don’t just provide one off devices. We form a relationship with the family and child and create hands and devices to support them as they grow and their needs change.

Our 3 year old daughter Izabella was born without her left hand, since receiving our first Free 3D Hand six weeks ago, Izabella can now ride her bike and hold a tube of bubbles to blow bubbles just like her friends. The confidence that this has given Izzy is truly heart-warming and we are forever grateful to Mat and Free 3D Hands for their inspired work.” Kate, Izabella's Mum 

Mat and Yuka Bowtel have been providing this service for Australian families, completely unpaid, for 2 years. This opportunity will provide Mat and his team of volunteers, the ability to print more hands and devices and get some much needed administrative support so they can focus on innovation and production.

Free 3D Hands currently have 45 children on our waiting list and it is growing every day. The current waiting list is for 16 hands, 17 below elbow arms that are still in development with recipients willing to wait until we can develop, 10 fingers and various customised device requests.

A Sunsuper Dreams for a Better World grant will help purchase 18 new 3D printers to help more than double our current production. We will not only be able to address the waitlist that we currently have, but also increase awareness of the availability of hands and assistive devices and help more children! 

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Free 3D Hands

We dream of a world where everyone has equal access to free 3D hands & assistive devices that enhance their quality of life.

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