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Blind Sports Australia

Blind Football - Blind Ambition

Blind Sports Australia has a dream to create Australia’s first National Blind Football (soccer) team in 2018, and the next paralympians. Blind Sports Australia has recently announced the roll out of a national program to develop blind football across the country and the creation of a national team to compete on the international stage. This will be a new opportunity for people who are blind to play the world game and to aspire to be the next generation of paralympians.

Blind Sports Australia gives people who are blind or vision impaired an opportunity to enjoy physical activity and community participation, and prevent social isolation, obesity or potentially Type 2 Diabetes. The training camps and football tournament will not only improve physical fitness, emotional well-being and health for people who are vision impaired, but it will help participants gain self-esteem, confidence, transferable life skills and independence, and the chance to forge connections to the wider community. A National Blind Football team will also raise awareness of the abilities of people who are blind and vision impaired, and will help create more inclusive communities, increasing participation of people with vision loss in their community. 

The Dreams for a Better World grant will break down a huge barrier for people who are totally blind to achieve their dream of representing their country in a sport they love. A $5,000 grant will allow Blind Sports Australia to bring players from around Australia together, to play, learn, make connections with other players and increase capacity for states to develop skills of players at a local level. If Blind Sports Australia was to make it through the round and to the grand final, the additional grants will allow us to present the first international blind football tournament in Australia and set the National team up with the best chance to attend and perform well at 2018 IBSA World Championships in Madrid in June 2018.

The national camps will spread the knowledge of the games across the country by building capacity of local based coaches and volunteers to support people who are blind and vision impaired to play blind football into the future. The International blind football tournament will showcase the abilities of people who are blind and vision impaired within a sporting setting, helping create a more inclusive community and a better world for all.

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