2019 Round 4 Winner


Our dream is to help all Australians with hearing loss feel less isolated and improve their well-being.

To help those with hearing loss to new sounds, confidence and well-being in the hearing world around them & improve deaf equality worldwide.

Hearoes' 2019 Grand Final Pitch

I've been deaf in both ears all my life and grew up with hearing aids in both ears. In 2013, I received a cochlear implant. It was a very life-changing experience as I'll always remember the time no long after my implant I was jogging down the street and heard a sound I couldn't recognise. When I got home later that day I learnt it was the coins in my pocket. I created a couple of activities to help me learn new sounds in a comfortable environment and put it on the app store and found it it provide value to others as well.

The Sunsuper Dreams for a Better World grant will help those with hearing loss feel less isolated and improve their well-being. By providing effective and accessible support for those with hearing loss we can help the community as a whole and elevate everyone.

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