2019 Round 4 Winner

Little Star Bee Sanctuary

Our dream is to be at the forefront of education and research for our bees and community.

Little Star Bee Sanctuary has grown out of our family and the journey we have walked together. Trudi gave Steven his first beehive for his birthday when she was pregnant with their first child in 2008. Since then the dream and family have grown. The little star family live on the Mid North Coast of NSW in a place called Missabotti, with over 100 beehives. They have created a bee sanctuary for all bees – honey and native, with the aim of providing fodder all year round. Using non-migratory processes and natural beekeeping principles, the bee sanctuary has been created to strengthen hive colonies – providing a front-line defence mechanism against diseases and predators. Their bee sanctuary is off-grid on a care-farmed (chemical free), rural property.

In 2017, Little Star Bee Sanctuary launched their education arm and provide dynamic training for those new to beekeeping, those interested in bees and to the experienced beekeeper in their practices and hive management strategies. They are currently in the early stages of the Little Star Collective – a collaborative approach for those “lovers of bees” in our local community, including collective honey distribution and a mentoring program. 

Little Star Bee Sanctuary 2019 Grand Final Pitch

Little star Bee Sanctuary is placing 100 stingless native beehives in 100 schools from Grafton to Port Macquarie.

The 100 hives in 100 schools project aims to raise the profile of Native Bees for future generations and highlight their value in terms of strategies for diversifying beekeeping in the agricultural and food industry, as well as increasing the numbers of Native Bees as a whole.

We know that bees are integral to the future of our planet and plant species. We know that the beekeeping industry is facing its most complex time ever. Little Star Bee Sanctuary aims to be at the forefront of education and research for our bees and community and will kick start our impact with the 100 Hives in 100 Schools program.

The project boasts a digital education platform that includes links to a website, newsletter and social media. This is a collective place for all education environments to share their learning, observations and stories. This also includes a space for education environments to share resources around pollinators, native bees and curriculum relevant materials and most importantly a space for collecting data for native bees across the Mid North Coast. Not only are we creating a Bee Advocate community, we are also creating an environment for education exchanges and connections - A BEE Connected Community!

A Sunsuper Business grant will help Little Star Bee Sanctuary kick start our dream and help us purchase the first 30 hives which will be placed in local schools and community education centres. With the first 30 hives we plan to educate over 6000 people in these education communities and our dream is to reach 20 000 people in the next three years. This seed funding would support the initial growth needed to gain momentum with the project and also begin to raise awareness of the 100 Hives in 100 Schools project and our bees for the future.

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