2017 Round 2 Top 3 Finalist

The Y-House Foundation: helping young people living in aged care

Granting dreams to young people with a disability living in aged care

The Y-House Foundation is working towards a big goal of providing transitional accommodation and rehab for young people with disabilities, but in the meantime our dream to provide this group of young people with support and exposure in a fun and engaging way. As part of the Y-Give program, we aim to showcase the story of one young person each month through videos and photos, and then provide that young person with a gift of support; whether the gift be an experience, a piece of assistive equipment or a weekend away.

Across Australia there are over 6,400 young people currently living in aged care, and that figure doesn't account for the large number of Australians at risk of entering aged care each day. I hope that this program will highlight this issue and remind the Australian public of just how inappropriate the aged care environment is for young people. As well as this I hope to provide meaningful supports to young people in these situations to aid in both a quick physical and social/emotional recovery. The program is to provide support and assistance to young people living in, or at risk of living in aged care.

If we were to receive a Sunsuper Dreams for a Better World Grant it would allow us to recognise and support more young people and provide more innovative and inspiring gifts. Whilst the issue of young people living in aged care is often swept under the rug, The Y-House Foundation has an amazing group of supporters that are passionate about our cause. So far the Y-Give program has provided one gift to a young Australian who had been placed into aged care. The gift recipient's dream since she was a child had been to go skydiving, however she had been told post her accident at 16 that this would never be possible due to her severe acquired brain injury and use of a wheelchair for mobility. In January we made it happen! It was such a special experience for both her and us, and since then we have received a lot of support and exposure for our cause. The grant money received by Sunsuper would allow us to help provide more gifts to young Australians in age care or at risk into being placed in age care.

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The Y-House Foundation: helping young people living in aged care

Granting dreams to young people with a disability living in aged care

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