2019 Round 2 Top 3 Finalist

Soldier On

Supporting veterans and their families with job opportunities and more.

Soldier On works side by side with those who have served and continue to serve our nation, and their families, to help secure their futures.

Soldier On’s dream is to have the best supported generation of veterans and their families in Australia's history. To accomplish our dream, we offer evidenced-based services that help build resilient veterans capable of developing and expanding meaningful connections with their family, the community, and employers.

One of our proven services that directly supports contemporary veterans and their families is Soldier On’s Pathways program. The Pathways program provides veterans and their families with a formal case managed transition pathway from their service career to civilian employment and encompasses both employment and education opportunities as part of transitions.

Our dream is to expand the Pathways program to other areas of Australia to support even more veterans and their families by enhancing their employment and education opportunities during their transition journey.

Soldier On recognises the pressures of working in the Australian Defence Force and its impact on the individual as well as the family and we continue to see many veterans struggle with unemployment, underemployment, social isolation, and mental health issues. The Pathways program works to address all these issues with its structured education and employment program that enables veterans and their families to find meaningfully employment. Other benefits for veterans and their families include reintegrating with their local community, allowing them to be part of a global veterans’ community, and be supported by evidence based, trauma informed psychology services to improve their overall health and well-being.

The Pathways program has been in place for 19 months and we’re currently supporting 1731 veterans. We have 179 businesses involved in the program and more than 140 participants have secured employment in the past 12 months. 

A Sunsuper Dreams for a Better World grant will support our dream to go national. The grants will initially help us expand our services to Townsville or Darwin which would mean we could support more than 100 veterans and family members secure their future. Plus it will help us expand our networks of veteran friendly organisations beyond the current 179 by an initial 20 companies in the next six months. 

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Soldier On

Supporting veterans and their families with job opportunities and more.

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