2019 Business Winner


Our dream is to give Supertees to every little superhero in hospital all around Australia

We are two tradies who have created a new medical garment for sick children to wear in hospital. Inspired the co-founder’s personal experience seeing his own daughter battle a rare form of cancer, the Supertee makes it easier for parents to change their child when they are connected to IV drips, central lines, heart monitors, breathing masks and other critical equipment.

Since our launch in 2018 we set a goal to reach all of Australia’s major hospitals, we have since helped close to 2500 families nationwide, most facing life threatening diseases. 

Supertees' 2019 Grand Final Pitch

Up to 70,000 patients can walk through a single children’s hospital over the year. A significant portion of them are faced with issues such as cancer, heart disease, epilepsy, cystic fibrosis and numerous other life threatening battles. Many children are confined to a hospital bed amongst the array of tubes, wires and cables. This makes it very difficult for parents to change their children’s top, to maintain hygiene and many rely on the support of nurses in an attempt to keep their child comfortable.

Our dream is to give some independence back to these parents through the use of our new medical garment, whilst helping sick kids to be seen as the superheroes they truly are, battling childhood illnesses or injuries everyday.  

A Sunsuper Business grant will help provide Queensland’s Children Hospital with more than 112 supertee packs to children in hospital. We hope through our partnership with Sunsuper we will be able to grow our stock order to manufacture more Supertees along with helping children and their families in hospital. 

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