2019 Round 2 Top 3 Finalist

Grandparents For Grandchildren

Support for Grandcarers to help give their grandchildren a brighter future.

Grandparents For Grandchildren is a voluntary not-for-profit organisation formed over 16 years ago as a result of the need for community support and advocacy for grandparents and other kinship carers who could be struggling with the emotional, financial and legal complexities of caring for their grandchildren.

We run a Grandcarers and Kinship Carers’ Supplementary Education and Sports Fund to financially assist struggling Grandcarers in providing essential education-related items, technology, uniforms, sporting fees or school-endorsed excursions for the grandchildren in their full time care.

This additional support helps the children stay at school, not be ostracised or shunned by their peers and make the most of their educational opportunities.

54% of Australian children in out of home care live with their Grandparents, who receive no financial assistance, compared to the remaining 46% in foster care who are funded.

Returning to the role of "parent" once more, requires adjustment and support. Whilst the Grandcarers want to provide the best possible care for their grandchildren, their own health and well-being must be preserved to enable this to happen. In most cases they require financial support.

Children living in financially disadvantaged circumstances have fewer opportunities to extend their learning opportunities, because their grandparents cannot afford to purchase the materials, experiences and services that facilitate positive development. These may be as simple as a new pair of school shoes, the opportunity to participate in a school outing, or to be involved in after school sporting activities.

A Sunsuper Dreams for a Better World grant will help fund essential school and sporting equipment for South Australian Grandcarers to help their grandchildren have a brighter future.

A $5,000 grant would help at least 20 Grandchildren, 40 Grandcarers and affect up to 200 extended family members. And the whole community would benefit by positive educational and retention rates, empowerment of aboriginal and CALD groups, a reduction in juvenile anti-social behaviour, and general community pride and well-being.   

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Grandparents For Grandchildren

Support for Grandcarers to help give their grandchildren a brighter future.

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