2019 Round 2 Top 6 Finalist

Aboriginal Literacy Foundation

Literacy and job ready project for young Indigenous Australians.

The Aboriginal Literacy Foundation believes that positive and practical change to closing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous young people starts with literacy and numeracy. Our vision is for a future where all Indigenous children can pursue quality education, reach their full potential and contribute to their community and the country.

The Aboriginal Literacy Foundation has been providing literacy support to young indigenous Australians since 2003 through a variety of programs, including tutorial and after school homework groups, indigenous literacy heritage camps, and our Books for Learning Program which distributes new and pre-loved books to regional and remote indigenous schools and communities across Australia. We believe that non-invasive diagnostic testing is a crucial aspect to all of our programs, as it not only measures the success of our programs, but also diagnoses the literacy deficiencies in our participants.

There are three main reasons for indigenous unemployment; firstly, a lack of preparation and knowledge of job opportunities, secondly, a lack of confidence in their ability, and finally, poor literacy skills (Griffith University study 2014). Our dream is to address all three issues and provide young indigenous Australians the opportunity to benefit from full employment, improved lifestyle and better health and social outcomes.

Illiteracy is one of the main hurdles that prevent young Indigenous Australians from entering or remaining in the workplace.

A recent survey in inner city Melbourne found that 50% of 20 year old Indigenous people were functionally illiterate. This not only makes looking for a job and job applying difficult, but with recent changes in Occupational Health and Safety legislation, it makes employing a non-reader an almost impossible task. Our program will not only concentrate on raising literacy levels in school leavers up to an acceptable level for OH&S purposes. But there is more! We will provide a proper job preparation program.

A Sunsuper Dreams for a Better World grant will help fund equipment and qualified teachers to uplift literacy and provide practical job ready training for Indigenous youth. 

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Aboriginal Literacy Foundation

Literacy and job ready project for young Indigenous Australians.

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