2019 Round 1 Top 3 Finalist

Little Wings

Our dream is for every child in country NSW suffering serious or chronic illness, to have rapid and easy access to specialist medical care.

Little Wings is a nonprofit organization that provides free, professional and safe flight and ground transport services for sick children in rural and regional NSW.

Being told your child has a life-threatening illness is a traumatic event for any family. For families from country NSW who must travel hundreds of kilometres to reach the specialist medical services at the Children's Hospitals in the city, the emotional strain and financial burden of being away from your loved ones and home environment whilst your child undergoes treatment makes this situation even harder to cope with.

Seriously ill children and their families are significantly disadvantaged due to the lack of specialised medical care in rural and regional areas, geographical isolation and financial challenges as they face the high costs of specialised medical treatment and limited economic opportunities (particularly in times of drought and other adverse events).Many of the children that Little Wings help are suffering from cancer and must endure chemotherapy resulting in them being away from home for 12-18 months.

Little Wings provides the children with safe return trips home, making these services invaluable to those receiving treatment. These services give enormous positive benefits to the child’s health as well as on the mental and emotional wellbeing of all involved, including siblings.

Our free, non-emergency flights service is focused on children, we have our own dedicated pilots and planes, and able to provide services at short notice.

To date, Little Wings has provided over 1,900 flights to seriously and chronically ill children from rural, remote, and regional NSW communities. Little Wings supports these families by providing a free, safe and professional flight and ground transport service to help ease the journey and keep families together. Currently, Little Wings’ flight records indicate that children requiring access to oncology services have the highest need for the service, comprising almost 83% of service users. Children requiring specialist burns treatment and haematology services consists of almost 5% and 4% of the service users respectively. The main beneficiaries of the Little Wings Flight Program are paediatric patients under 18 with serious and chronic illnesses who need access to lifesaving medical treatment in the Children’s Hospitals in Sydney and Newcastle.

The Little Wings Flight Program positively impacts the broad community as they also benefit:

  • Patients in metropolitan areas who access specialised medical treatment at these health facilities.

  • Our free transport service will result in more hospital beds being made available to them when patients utilising our Service return to their homes and families.

  • Our program also helps reduce waiting lists as other patients requiring access to treatment can access them sooner.

  • Local businesses in rural and regional communities, as parents or carers of sick children will be able to continue earning their livelihoods, because they won’t be away for extended periods, therefore minimising loss of income, and improving productivity within their local communities. 

Our goal for 2019-2020 is to provide 420 flights to help 1,250 people in rural, remote and regional NSW. If we receive up to $50,000 from Sunsuper Dreams for a Better World program it will help with the cost of up to 32 flights for 2019-2020, helping to support families with seriously ill children who need access to medical treatment in Children’s Hospitals from rural, remote and regional NSW. 

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Little Wings

Our dream is for every child in country NSW suffering serious or chronic illness, to have rapid and easy access to specialist medical care.

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