2019 Round 1 Top 6 Finalist

Strong Brother Strong Sister

Supporting Aboriginal youth aged 4-25 years old to achieve excellent outcomes.

Strong Brother, Strong Sister is a culturally appropriate safe place for Aboriginal young people to access and thrive. The structure and programs within the space guide, mentor and empower Aboriginal young people to achieve excellence.

The outcomes from these programs not only guide, mentor and empower Aboriginal young people, they also improve Aboriginal young people’s health and wellbeing.

Strong Brother, Strong Sister's culturally safe program offers holistic approach to achieve only the best outcomes for Young Aboriginal people aged 4-25 years old. 

The program is designed to support Aboriginal young people through positive Aboriginal mentors identified through community. SBSS run Aboriginal youth groups that identify Aboriginal leaders to then train and employee them to work with their community, creating sustainable leaders and role models for the community.

By doing this so far Strong Brother, Strong Sister has assisted,

  • 24 Aboriginal young people returning safely to school
  • 15 return safely back to home and family from out of home care
  • Assisted 13 facing homelessness to now achieving excellent outcomes and work/school and no longer homeless
  • 37 with mental health related issues 55 facing family violence
  • 17 with employment and training
  • 70 Aboriginal young women with health relationship guidance
  • 7 Aboriginal young people from remote community
  • 138 Aboriginal ASTI Students with mentoring in school, and
  • worked with over 400 Aboriginal young people – providing them with group workshops and mentoring

A Sunsuper Dreams for a Better World grant will help employ 2 Aboriginal mentors to work Part time to further support Aboriginal youth and expand our impact in the Geelong community.

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Strong Brother Strong Sister

Supporting Aboriginal youth aged 4-25 years old to achieve excellent outcomes.

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