2018 Round 3 Top 3 Finalist

Suncoast Spinners Wheelchair Basketball

To create inclusive school sporting activities for students with and without disability to participate together.

Suncoast Spinners are a social wheelchair basketball club on the Sunshine Coast which caters for physically disabled and able bodied athletes in the sport of Wheelchair Basketball.

Suncoast Spinners have a dream to increase inclusive school sporting activities on the Sunshine Coast through delivery of wheelchair equipment, training and support to local High schools to encourage inclusive sport settings for both students with and without disability.

Suncoast Spinners have experience and success in the delivery of wheelchair basketball workshops and propose a need for inclusive sports and training to schools to increase social and community participation for people with disability. Our dream is to create inclusive school sporting options so that all students have the opportunity to participate in school based team sports.

Suncoast Spinners’ dream is for inclusive sport settings to create significant and long-lasting benefit to the community through social and community connections.

Students learn about their common abilities when they play sport together, they learn that people with disability want the same things as they do, to have fun and be included.

The co-ordination of inclusive sport practice in local school settings will ensure students with disability have the ability to achieve their goals, are included in all aspects of community life and participate in and benefit from the same community activities as everyone else. Without inclusive sport settings, students with a disability are disadvantaged and even excluded completely. Engagement in sport can result in social benefits, skill development and improved physical health and should be available to all Australians no matter their ability.

Proving wheelchair basketball in schools will create connections between people with disability and their communities. It will also help raise awareness around inclusive sports in mainstream educational facilities through hands on experience in a fun and educational way is a means of breaking down barriers and misconceptions around wheelchair sports and people with disabilities. 

Suncoast Spinners dream is to provide the equipment necessary to grow inclusive school sporting programs.

A Sunsuper Dreams for a Better World grant will allow Suncoast Spinners to purchase six sports wheelchairs necessary for inclusive sporting programs. The chairs will remain the property of Suncoast Spinners who will oversee the inclusive school program, maintain wheelchairs and train school staff in the delivery of wheelchair sport. It is expected that with the successful delivery of an inclusive wheelchair basketball program in a local high school, neighbouring schools will see the benefits and be willing to invest in wheelchair equipment growing a community of inclusive sporting opportunities.

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Suncoast Spinners Wheelchair Basketball

To create inclusive school sporting activities for students with and without disability to participate together.

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