2018 Round 4 Winner

Brett Phillips Dental Surgery

Slaying decay and bringing smiles to the Childers community.

Brett Phillips runs the local dental practice in Gaydon's Building, first built in 1894 and is arguably one of the oldest running dental surgeries in Australia. As the local dentist for nearly 25 years, Brett's dream is to improve the dental health of his community, Childers, which has one of the lowest socio-economic profiles in Australia. 

Childers is part of the Wide Bay region which has a very low socio-economic base. The town is rural and primary industries is the major employer. The region produces sugar, avocados, lychees, small crops, citrus fruit & beef cattle. Following drought, hail and economic factors the region is 'doing it tough'. As a result people are neglecting their oral health. The waiting list to see a public dentist is over two years and people are finding it harder and harder to pay for dental services. As a local business owner, Brett plans to help those who contribute to their community but are unable to maintain proper oral health. 

A Dreams for a Better World business grant will dramatically improve dental health with up to 50 appointments for the community. This will help improve the self-respect of people in the community and make rural and regional residents believe help is there for them in Australian society. 

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